Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When You Look Upon A Star

Welcome! originated as a fundamental statement of joy ! more than 45 years ago ...

Truly, there is no greater gift than life on Earth.

Reach out! Allow your mind to explore.

And, the true enjoyment in this experience occurs when the realization settles upon the conscious thought of the individual.

It is the activity of the matrix of our mind; and, its consequent product that provides us with the energy and curiosity to wander beyond the mundane rigors of life; and, enter into those realms of romance with knowledge and wisdom.

Conspiracies <the breathing together> flow out of our hearts as we seek out these passions of life on Earth.

There is no evil mentor without invitation. And, we are entitled to suffer in joy !

These are scientific expressions; not faith-originating statements. There is even a P1 Factor.

L.I.F. foundation invites the remaining years of this 21st century to be the House of Wisdom.

And, we, further, invite our friends and enemies to find the courage to discover a pathway to longstanding peaceful coexistence.

Smile when you look upon a star ... Earth will be pleased !